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Wealth Planning Center, LLC

As Seen In… Forbes, June 30, 2014

We are the financial planning quarterbacks.
– Marc Wachter, Founder and President

We believe the reason for our success is our knowledge, trust and relationships. Above all, we pride ourselves in always doing the right thing for our clients.

Americans are increasingly concerned about not having adequate financial advice when planning for their future. The guidance of an experienced financial advisor is critical, but many individuals overlook the important role that insurance plays as an additional investment vehicle in wealth protection.

Wealth Planning Center, LLC is a successful insurance and financial planning firm in South Florida providing wealth accumulation and preservation strategies and products.

“We have a vast network of wellrespected companies and advisors that we work with,” says Marc Wachter, Founder and President of WPC. “We are the financial planning quarterbacks. No matter what a client’s needs, we make sure they are all taken care of, from A to Z.”

A Personal Approach

Wachter, a distinguished estate planning attorney, switched over to the financial side of the business in the early 1990s to provide a more sophisticated level of service. Quickly becoming the leading first-year agent in the nation for one of the highest-rated life insurance companies, he has consistently ranked at the top throughout his career, receiving numerous awards and accolades. Wachter later created Wealth Planning Center, joining forces with Linda Guilarte, his business partner of over 17 years. Their firm has continually ranked as one of the premier insurance agencies in the country. Its client base consists of domestic and international business owners, professionals and athletes, including some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the country.

Wachter points out that life insurance is afforded preferential tax treatment, offering certain other advantages when it comes to asset protection.

“We are not a sales firm,” adds Guilarte, Managing Partner. “Our greatest strength is the independence of our advice. We partner with our clients to provide objective solutions on how to protect their financial future. Our clients know we will be there during and after the product selection, giving them a great degree of comfort.”

Wachter’s exuberance for health and wellness has trickled to other endeavors. He created Live Ultimate, a health-style brand that promotes the philosophy of living your best life possible, attached to a charitable mission.

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